Industrial Leather Items

We have been manufacturing Mine Lamp belts for more than 20 years

We use the best Kip Butts 3,5 - 4,2mm for the belt and straps.

We use strong industrial buckles. 1x50mm and 2x32mm plus loops.
The middle straps are 30mm wide and moved to the sides, leaving a space in the middle, not putting pressure on the kidneys.

We use high quality rivets to assemble the belts. The belts are wide at the back (50mm/90mm/120mm/150mm) and reduced to 50mm on the sides and front for the buckle.

Our standard colour is BLACK, but other colours can be made.
Our standard width is 90mm, but we also do 120mm and 150mm.

MEASURE the SIZE of the belt WITH PPE on.


Guidelines. Please send request by measuring your waist with PPE ON, OR measure your old belt.
From buckle to current hole.


(90mm wide)

CODE 120

(120mm wide)

CODE 150

(150mm wide)
  • Middle 79 (XS)
  • Middle 90 (S)
  • Middle 105 (M)
  • Middle 125 (L)
  • Middle 140 (XL))
  • Middle 150 (XXL)
  • Middle 160 (XXXL)
  • ± Middle (28" / 30" / 32")
  • ± Middle (32" / 34" / 36")
  • ± Middle (38" / 40" / 42")
  • ± Middle (44" / 46" / 48")
  • ± Middle (48" /50" / 52"/ 54")
  • ± Middle (52" / 54" / 56"/ 58')
  • ± Middle (56" / 58" / 60" /62")
  • Total length 92cm + Buckle
  • Total length 105cm + Buckle
  • Total length 118cm + Buckle
  • Total length 134cm + Buckle
  • Total length 149cm + Buckle
  • Total length 159cm + Buckle
  • Total length 169cm + Buckle

Available Add-Ons: Shoulder pads, belt snap hook, belt D-Ring (for keys), name, etc.


Braces: One size fits all

Braces are made with 3,5-4.2mm Kip Butts.
Braces are 25mm wide.
One piece 38mm wide at the back and split at 38mm welded D-Ring.
Two long straps to the front with holes to adjust.
Two loops to slide the front part away from the buckle, with 25mm swedish buckles to attach.
Colour is BLACK, but we can do other colours as well.
Braces must be riveted at the back and slide over belt in front.
Options available: e.g. Loop at the back, shoulder pads etc.

Complete Belt and Braces

Belt and Braces:

We usually make a standard belt set in your size:
Tan belt 120mm wide , plus braces, plus lining, plus name.
Other widths and colours also available.


Industrial Toolbelt and Pouches

Sizes: 115cm | 130cm | 160cm

We use best quality Veg Kip Butts that we dye Black.
Belts are 50mm wide completed with a High quality industrial buckle.
More holes than normal belts to limit it to 3 sizes to fit all.

Pouches for Industrial Toolbelt

High quality pouches made from Veg Kip Butts as well as Chrome leather. Pouches for different purposes:

GP Stanley Knife Pouch (Utility)


GP First Aid Pouch


GP A-5 Notebook Pouch


GP Scaffolding Pouch


GP Podger Pouch Single


GP Podger Pouch Double


GP Spirit Level Pouch


GP Hammer Pouch


GP Torch Pouch


GP Pouch for 5meter Tape


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