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. . . because leather is forever.

Situated in Trichardt, Mpumalanga (near Secunda) we serve our community with our genuine leather products and repairs. GP Leather and Shoes opened it’s doors early in 1997. We started by mainly manufacturing shoes. When the imported goods took over, we expanded into other areas of leatherwork, focusing on quality, handmade, personalized and need. We started to manufacture our own handbags, belts, pouches, etc… With all the industrial activities in our area, we started manufacturing safety pouches, tool belts and mainly under- ground lamp belts for the mines. Due to the interest in horses in our area, we opened a saddlery department. We are a small business with a big heart, trying to meet every need. GP Leather & Shoes – where every customer becomes a friend.

We create outstanding
Leather Items

We manufacture most of the items
on a small scale due to special need and
large variety of goods manufactured.
While some of the items are manufactured
on large scale. Most of the items are in stock
on small scale.
This will influence your order.